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Falling Behind in School
"I have a hard time reading and keeping up with my school work. do I need glasses or vision therapy?" Learn more ...
Improve in Sports
"I love to play sports, basketball and soccer are my favorite. I get frustrated because I can't hit the rim most of the time - I get lots of 'Air Balls'. Would vision therapy help make me a better athlete?" - Learn how we may help...
Headaches in School
I get headaches in school. This happens when I am reading and doing work on the computer. Learn how vision therapy may help...
Infant Vision Evaluation
Vision and its development is an incredibly important part of a child’s overall development. Unfortunately, its importance is usually overlooked and sometimes ignored. Learn about what we do with infants..
Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
Most studies indicate that between 50% and 90% of computer workers have visual symptoms and problems. Learn more ...

Vision Therapy Works

August-National Children’s Vision & Learning Month